Perth emo band look back nostalgically with new release

John Wheels
Gold Mold Records


Perth sad sack quintet follow up their debut release Selling Beds with an introspective look at young life in Users.

The two track opens with the energetic Malt House, a swift ode to a Perth pub – memories and underage drinking are set to melodic punk.

However, the title track is set to the backdrop of glimmering guitars, roomy drums and morose lyricism.

The distant vocal production further emphasis the numbness of the subject – guitars twinkle and fade away carrying a striking amount of emotional weight.

The contrast between the two tracks shows a band comfortable with bearing their soul and showing off stylistic flexibility.




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From The Depths

hiss spun

Chelsea Wolfe
Hiss Spun – 2017
Sargent House

“A mysterious hum [that] resounds in the deep sea for about an hour” – Chelsea Wolfe on her influence for Hiss Spun.

Chelsea Wolfe presents her concept for Hiss Spun – the mysterious hum –  Wolfe takes the disembodied and abstract, and constructs a fully realised identity. There’s an irresistible heaviness and pressure to Hiss Spun, grounded in this concept, not just musically but tonally. Each song; whether folkish or industrial carries an obvious emotional weight.

Hiss Spun is the culmination of Chelsea Wolfe’s long term flirtation with extreme metal influences. On Hiss Spun the gap between subtle influence and actuality has shortened. The juxtaposition between Chelsea’s ethereal vocal and the layers of extreme influence creates a sense of beautiful unease. This is no more evident than on Vex – where it is impossible to ignore the terrifying cacophony created by Aaron Tuner’s guttural presence.

Kurt Ballou‘s production provides Hiss Spun with it’s weighty atmosphere and murky textures. However, there are moments of disconnect, where immersion with the depths is broken and the record becomes somewhat drowned in dissonance. Queens of The Stone Age’s Tray Van Leeuwen takes up guitar duties for the record. Fluttering between riffs that wouldn’t be out of place on a NIN record to somber melodiesThe quality of the collaborators on Hiss Spun give the record a concrete identity. Adding to the incredible musicianship Wolfe has demonstrated in previous records and adding a new dimension to her well known gamut of influences.

Ultimately Hiss Spun demonstrates why, Chelsea Wolfe, at record number six shows no signs of stagnation or slowing down.