Fuchsia x John Wheels: two of Scotland’s best emo bands come together to release joint affair

Fuchsia x John Wheels 
Harvest of Stars Records

Harvest of Stars have brought together two of my favourite Scottish emo bands for a fantastic split record.

Each band has recorded two songs and re-recorded and tarted up one older track respectively.

*As an aside I will declare my biases here, as I am good friends with the guys in John “John McClane” Wheels and used to loop bass-lines in Fuchsia.

Having stated that this is a completely honest review, rather than some drooling fluff piece.

Fuchsia – Priority


Photo by Daniel Blake

Glasgow based Fuchsia prove yet again to be one of their most accomplished sounding track to date – Priority.

The rolling drums accented poppy guitars disguised by gliding melodies and gritty post hardcore sensibilities.

Marc Thow and James Podmore’s screamed vocals play well off each other, showing off an newly explored angry and frustrated side of Fuchsia.

However, rather than showing off a wholly dark and moody track, Priority feels lighter and denser than the band have on previous releases.


John Wheels – Sody Pop


Photo taken by Matthew McLaughlin

Emo certainly makes for introspective bedfellows as Perth sad boys follow up their

Sody Pop opens with the energetic, disco-esque drum rhythms and bouncy guitars before making way to melancholic melodies and creeping melodic punk.

Vocally and instrumentally this is the strongest John Wheels have ever sounded.

The track is a towering monument to their cohesion as song writers and shows a band comfortable with bearing their soul and showing off stylistic flexibility.

Distant vocal production further emphasis the numbness of the subject – guitars twinkle and fade away carrying a striking amount of emotional weight.