New wave of hardcore punk – New York’s Krimewatch

Demo 2016
Lockin’ Out Records


Another post of me talking about by-gone releases (surprise, surprise) – but that isn’t to say that this demo is any less impactful because I’m roughly a year late.

Krimewatch’s demo and promo were possibly the best hardcore punk releases to have graced 2016, if not one of the most important punk to have come out in recent years.

Krimewatch are a four piece punk outfit from New York City, playing their own hook ridden take on 80’s hardcore punk.

The demo opens up with a body swaying bass line, moving to thick and fast riffs with energetic singing – all these facets are small tasters for what Krimewatch are about.

Vocalist Rhylli shows off her mastery in penning irresistible punk hooks, her aggressive vocals are the motor driving the furious instrumentals.

The sharpest tool in the band’s arsenal is the superb instrumentation, the swinging guitar riffs, smashing drums and menacing bass lines – every element molded together to form incredibly compelling modern punk.

In the six minutes Krimewatch take to rage through their demo, they have far more impact than most bands manage to have across their entire discographies.

Krimewatch aren’t a band who just play their own variation of hardcore punk, they take the meat and potatoes of the genre and create something uniquely their own.


XSERVITUDEX – Path To Amnesty


Path To Amnesty
Rage HC

I’m fairly late in talking about this band – but I’m normally pretty behind when talking about any new(er) releases.

XSERVITUDEX vegan straight edge band with members from a host of UK bands including; ex-Gaia Bleeds, Revolve and Stranded.

Their debut release Path of Amnesty is a metalcore tour de force – packed to the rafters with discords and body shaking, ignorant breakdowns.

XSERVITUDEX fully embrace H8000 and Euro mosh metal influences – even down to the artwork for the EP.

Download here
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Rage HC

Top Three Of The Week

Starting from this week I want to give attention to bands or releases I don’t think get talked about enough in hardcore.

New and arguably fantastic music is released on a weekly basis – with new bands and demos cropping up all the time!


Big Cheese
Aggravated Mopery

Quality Control

There isn’t a great deal to say about this release – Big Cheese absolutely nail their NYHC sound – if you like bands like Breakdown – Aggravated Mopery is essential listening!

The worst part is how underrated Big Cheese are. They’re set to play The Underworld is Camden with Trapped Under Ice in October with a stacked line-up.

The 7” will be out via Quality Control Records HQ soon.

Check out the Aggravated Mopery here




Forge are yet another band – in a long list of Floridian bands releasing incredible metallic hardcore. None of the five tracks reach the three minute mark but every song has it’s own intensity and subtle influence shifts.

The demo is free to steam/download here



Demo 2017
Quality Control HQ

ANOTHER release from Quality Control HQ – except I’m three months late writing about this band…

Standpoint is made up of members from Violent Reaction, Insist, Unjust, True Vision. So, more or less, you know the type of music and the quality you’re going to hear with Standpoint.

Do you like Uniform Choice? If yes, then you would be stupid to sleep on Standpoint. The demo has a distinct energy – there’s huge striking power and flexes hard.

Check it out on Quality Control’s bandcamp here


Scottish Hardcore Showing No Signs of Losing It’s Bite!


Neutral Words Records

Glasgow young gun quintet Razorbite hit hard with the release of Demolition via Neutral Words Records. Razorbite are driven by a sound that is distinctly influenced by NYHC. The riffs are mid paced, packed with groove and the breakdowns – while sparse – are tough as nails.

Vocalist Amber’s reverb stewed shouts roll with the mid tempo swing of the instrumentation, creating a strong and well defined sound. Razorbite demonstrate in four tracks the band’s musical versatility – leaving listeners with a small taste of the band’s future potential.

Purchase Demolition:

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