Japanese lo-fi R&B artist Joji shows off a sombre side on debut EP – In Tongues.

In Tongues  
88 Rising  

In Tongues is the first project released under the real name of Japanese artist Joji Miller – showing massive divergence from the Youtube personas he may be better known for.

Will He opens up the release with a very simple piano melody, swirling atmospherics and sombre vocal hooks – perfectly encapsulating the rest of In Tongues.

Pills, Demons and Window reinforce the instrumental and lyrical signature – it’s dark and slight projecting a sense of a very real human being, something Joji has kept very much safeguarded.

However, Bitter Fuck sounds less fully realised – slow guitar plucking plays well into existential themes but it’s in the hook where the track ultimately falls short of expectation.

Ultimately, In Tongues is about a young man grappling with the sad pangs surrounding the idea of sex and relationships or indeed the idea of emotionally fading away.

In a Youtube interview with Mass Appeal Joji said: “Even in my music there’s a very like nostalgic sexual vibe to it, which I intended it to have.

“The sadness in sex I’m still trying to figure out.”

The smooth lo-fi R&B lends well to the concepts present and while there isn’t a great deal of musical or tonal variation, In Tongues demonstrates a great proof of concept.

Rating: 3.5/5


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